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Comparative Market Analysis

A comparative market analysis is a crucial tool for estimating the value of real estate. If you're a homeowner who is interested in listing your property for sale, a CMA will help you determine an appropriate asking price based on what sales prices similar homes in your area have received on the market.

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In order for me to get the most value out of my home, please provide all the details about your
property for a CMA. The more information I have the more value I can assign to your listing price.

Contact Information

Property Information

Home Details

Full Bath = Toilet, Sink, & Shower with a bathtub

3/4 Bath = Toilet, Sink, & Shower (No bathtub)

1/2 Bath = Toilet & Sink (No Shower or Bathtub)

Additional Home Details

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Appliances To Be Include In CMA

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Check All That Apply:

Utility Services Availability

Additional Features

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Renewable Energy: Solar

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Thanks for submitting!I will have your Cost Market Analysis in your email in less than 24 hours. Need it sooner? Give me a call.

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