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Spiders: Best Way to Get Them Out of Your Home

If you spot spiders in your home, you’re not alone. Homeowners commonly face the challenge of evicting these pesky arachnids. Spiders may be small, but they can cause a lot of concern and even fear. Some are also dangerous, packing venom in every bite. If spiders have invaded your home, there are some steps you can take to make your home spider-free now and in the future. You can then have peace of mind and rest easy at night knowing you have banished these creepy crawlers.

Vacuum Your Carpets Well

Like other pests, spiders love messes, including crumbs on the floor. If you don’t regularly clean your floors, chances are good that spiders will start making their way inside your home. Vacuuming the carpet each day is a good way to discourage these small creatures from calling your home their home. As you vacuum, make sure you do so thoroughly. Vacuum the edges of the room along the baseboards and in the corners. Move furniture so you can vacuum underneath and behind. Spiders love hanging out in dark areas, so these spots are common places to find cobwebs and nets.

Vacuum and Clean the Walls and Ceiling

While you have the vacuum out on the floor, take out the hand tool and hit the walls and ceiling. Spiders often build webs in the top corners, so removing them is critical. Washing the walls regularly will also help to prevent spiders from crawling around your home.

Block Their Entry

It doesn’t take much space for a spider to find its way into your house; the tiniest holes and cracks will invite them inside. Closing off these entry points is a good way to never see them again in your residence. One of the first things you should do is buy some caulking products and seal the doorways and window sills. Next, purchase some fine mesh and place it over vents, chimneys, and small openings where wires and pipes go in and out of your home. Make sure your foundation is strong and free of cracks. Also, if your screen doors are ripped, repair or replace them right away.

Keep the Lights Off

As far as home security goes, it’s a wise idea to leave exterior lights on. But if you have a spider problem, you may want to think twice about this. It’s a fine line between what makes the most sense to you, but keep in mind that lights attract insects and other bugs. Since spiders feed on these bugs, their presence will in turn attract spiders. Instead of turning exterior lights on and leaving them on all night, leave an interior light or two on.

De-Clutter the Basement

Along with preferring dark areas, spiders tend to hide and nest in cool, damp spots. Basements fit the description well, so it’s a good place to start looking for spiders. If you have piles of junk in the basement, you should organize and tidy up. This will remove places where spiders will hang out and chase them outside.

Trim Back Your Plants

Bushes, flowers, and shrubs are a nice addition to any yard – but they can also appeal to spiders. It’s fine to have these plants on your property, but remember that spiders love sitting in them, making them a common gathering place for these pests. If your plants are overgrown and placed close to the house, spiders can easily go from them right into your home. Removing bushes and flowers from against the home can turn back spiders quickly.

Homemade Sprays

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to fend off spiders: A few home remedies can do the trick. One of the most popular is a vinegar and water mixture. Putting equal parts of these two liquids in a spray bottle gives you a potentially potent concoction. The acids in the vinegar can kill spiders. Plus, they hate the smell, so placing small dishes of vinegar around the house can repel them, too. Peppermint oil can have a similar effect.

Professional Response

Calling an exterminator in Las Cruces, New Mexico may be the best option if you have a large infestation of spiders. These pests can be hard to get rid of without the right help. Exterminators are trained to find where spiders are nesting and determine where and how they are getting inside. The exterminator will also use powerful chemicals and other methods to kill spiders on your property and keep others from taking their place.

You should not have to share your living space with spiders. If these pests are invading your home, it can make you feel upset or scared. Start by trying some of these tips. You could soon have a home with no spiders around.

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